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Residential Rentals

residential rentals Renting property is a process that requires expert knowledge. That's why you need an experienced real estate agent who has the knowledge of every aspect of renting a property. Whether you rent a house or condo it's quite important that you consult an estate agent who has necessary experience working with expatriate corporate executives. Whether you are a corporate executive or a private renter we have the best possible choice of properties available in the current market. If you are relocating for work or business we can offer you full services such as legal services, moving services, cleaning services and everything else that is related to your relocation. Our one stop property maintenance service will assist you to get you started without any worries.

As part of our relocation services we are happy to offer you orientation tours to get a general feel of different areas in Pattaya and surrounding areas. Information on International schools, hospitals, shopping and any other services you may require is available with us upon your request. With our experience in relocating corporate employees we will assist you with
  1. Orientation tours.
  2. Property maintenance
  3. Arranging legally current lease agreements and negotiations with property owners on your behalf.
  4. All communications with your company or with your relocation agent until all necessary things (payments, contracts) are completed for you to move in to your new home.
  5. All necessary information for your family and children regarding International Schools, etc.

If you are looking for a real estate agent for your relocation or for private renting Benchmark Property Pattaya is your ultimate choice. We are the rental experts in all kinds of property rentals.

Commercial Rentals

If you are looking to rent commercial space we have a wide selection of commercial properties in our database. Apart from assisting you to rent your property we can help you to register a new business, apply for work permits and one year visas, etc. We can also offer you renovation and construction services to build/renovate/modify your property the way you want.